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Title: Five Times Andrea and Daryl Almost Kissed (And the One Time they Did)
Rating: NC-17
Betas: cemeterydreamer and metaallu
Word Count: 5108
A/N: Thanks to everyone tumblr for keeping me going on this fic.
Warnings: Canon character deaths, references of suicide
Disclaimer: The Walking Dead and characters do not belong to me.
Summary: Daryl can't seem to stay away from Andrea and he can't seem to stop wanting to kiss her.
On AO3

Almost KissesCollapse )


Beta needed for a 5139 NC-17 Walking Dead, Andrea/Darly fic. Anyone up for it? Thanks :)

I'm bouncing

This is why when cons are in other cities I get early flights — I get too wound up and at least travel eats up time. I kinda wish I’d had the money to go to the Aquarium with some of the others, but I’d rather do the DMA and ghost tour - not to mention have money for the raffle and stuff.

I think I’m pretty much packed other than my laptop (which will go in backpack last minute). My kitties are wound up too and they still aren’t used to me getting up so early.

Urgh, I hate waiting for things. Yesterday I burned time through shopping for some things, but unless I spend money I’d rather spend at the con on claws (And I don’t really like the party city ones) there isn’t much to buy. I could go get a hair net for the wig - but I’m not wearing the wig this weekend as I still need to cut the bangs on it so it looks more like Jade’s hair (right now its just a curly black wig with no bangs).

I’d sleep, but yeah like I said too wound up.

Debating whether to wear awesome dress or steampunk to the prom. But the awesome dress looks AWESOME on me and I haven’t had the chance to wear a pretty dress that fits me in a while. Plus the dress goes back to my mom after this weekend, so I want to wear it while I have the chance.

Placement for design on a shirt

What would look better




Dear Yuletide writer

This is a to be done post.

End This (Karkat/Jade | R)

Title: End This
Rating: R
Pairings/Characters: Karkat/Jade, John, Gamzee
Beta: flamingsword
Warnings/Notes: AU, mild gore, off screen violence, angst [Link to spoiler] major character deaths
A/N: Wow this fandom has eaten my brain. Based off this piece of art.
Summary: Karkat finds John first.

Read more...Collapse )

A Softer World: Homestuck Remixes

Title: A Softer World: Homestuck Remixes
Pairings/Characters: Jade/Karkat, Karkat/Terezi, Meenah, Condesce
Rating: R
Notes: My god this fandom has sucked me in.

DescendCollapse )



So who is going this year? (And man it's weird to go to a slash con when my main ship at the moment is a het ship)

A Softer World: The Walking Dead Remix 2

Andrea sharpshooter
Title: A Softer World: The Walking Dead
Editor: Kijikun
Pairings/Characters: Daryl Dixon, Daryl/Andrea, Carol, Sophia, Rick/Lori, Amy
Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or concepts from The Walking Dead or A Softer World. These are edits made for the enjoys of other fans and no profit is made. Original comics can be found A Softer World
A/N: Image heavy.

Ten comics behind the cutCollapse )

Title: Five Lives Andrea and Daryl Didn't Live and One They Did
Rating: PG-13
Beta: fleete, metaallu
Word Count: 2276
Warnings/Notes: AUs, Fantasy, Elves, Spoilers for Season 3
A/N: This fic came as a result of having too many idea for au fics.
Summary: There are many lives that Andrea and Daryl could have lived, these are some of them.

Five Lives Andrea and Daryl Didn't Live and One They DidCollapse )

Memories Seep (Daryl Dixon | G)

Title: Memories Seep
Rating: G
Pairing/Characters: Daryl Dixon, (hints of Daryl/Andrea)
Warnings/Notes: spoilers for end of Season 2
A/N: This was original posted on tumblr in response to a gif set. I've included the two gifs behind the cut.
Summary: Daryl finds himself thinking about her more and more as the days wear on.

Memories SeepCollapse )


Heard some reports of issues posting with semagic. So testing it.

What Isn’t Shown (Andrea/Daryl | PG-13)

Title: What Isn’t Shown
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/Characters: Merle Dixon, Daryl/Andrea
Warnings/Notes: AU, vague spoilers for season 3
Word Count: 784
A/N: For gagewhitney's prompt: Merle and Andrea have a talk about Daryl.
Summary: Daryl’s sick and Andrea’s on watch with Merle.
On AO3

What Isn't ShownCollapse )

Beta please?

I have two Andrea/Daryl fics to be betaed. One is about 730 words and the other 2283 both are about PG-13. Any takers? Thanks :)


screw canon
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Pick Six

fairy tales
role reversal

The Fifth and Sixth Arrows (Daryl/Andrea | R)

screw canon
Title: The Fifth and Sixth Arrows
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Daryl/Andrea, Rick
Word Count: 2021
Beta: fleete
Warnings/Notes: Season 2 AU, Season 2 spoilers, Dale's canon death
Summary: Andrea knows she's prone to making bad decisions. She's just not sure why Daryl keeps going along with her - it can't just be for the arrows.
On Ao3

Two more arrows gone.Collapse )

into the woods by songstressicons
Title: Wear Your Heart On Your Skin
Rating: R
Pairing/Characters: Daryl/Andrea, Lori, Carol
Word Count: 2103
Betas: fleete and metaallu
Warnings/Notes: Established relationship, vague spoilers for the Woodbury comic arc (and season 3), AU. references to possible past rape, misogynistic language
Summary: Andrea is jealous that Daryl brings Carol flowers. But it isn't as simply as that.
On A03

“Wear your heart on your skin in this life” - Sylvia PlathCollapse )

A Softer World: The Walking Dead

into the woods by songstressicons
Title: A Softer World: The Walking Dead
Editor: Kijikun
Pairings/Characters: Daryl Dixon, Daryl/Andrea
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or concepts from The Walking Dead or A Softer World. These are edits made for the enjoys of other fans and no profit is made. Original comics can be found A Softer World .

To the comicsCollapse )

Beta please?

screw canon
Is anyone up for betaing a ~2000 word Walking Dead, Andrea/Daryl fic? It's R rated with references to past (possible) rape.

Is there a big bang for Walking Dead?

If there is? I can't find it.

Why the fuck...

Can't I post images? What the fuck is wrong with you lj you piece of shit.

On the Dock (Daryl/Andrea | PG-13)

screw canon
Title: On the Dock
Rating: PG-13 (for language)
Pairing: Daryl/Andrea
Beta: metaallu
Word Count: 1054
Warnings/Notes: Season 2 AU, Season 2 spoilers
A/N: Written on tumblr for gagewhitney who wanted something with the dock we saw in the deleted scenes.
Summary: Andrea misses dinner and Daryl finds her on the dock.
On AO3

Liar, Merle sneers inside his head.Collapse )

Beta needed

I'm a tiger
Beta needed for a 1036, Walking Dead, Andrea/Daryl PG-13 fic. :)

screw canon
Title: Second, Third, and Fourth Arrows
Sequel to: The First Arrow
Rating: PG-13 (for sexuality and language)
Characters/Pairings: Andrea/Daryl
Beta: metaallu
Warnings/notes: Season 2 AU, Season 2 spoilers, canon death of a child
A/N: Please let me know of any mistakes or if any warnings need to be added.
Summary: Daryl wonders how long she'll play this game. He wonders how long he'll let her play this game.
On AO3

Games are a compromise between intimacy and keeping intimacy away. - Eric BerneCollapse )


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